21st century / 21. Jahrhundert

MS Basha: „Dancing on the Nile“

P. Koeszeghy: “Erkenntnis”, “Premiere”, “Epilog”, “Sieben Tage Schweigen”, “Das Wunder”, “Die Fremde”, “Sentiments”, “Dämon meiner Seele” (inspired by poetry by HP Palmer)

M. Leontjewa: “in memoriam” (inspired by a poem by HP Palmer)

J. Fontyn: “Quasi-Haiku” (inspired by a poem by HP Palmer

E. Lillios: “Solitude’s Stark Wilderness” (inspired by a poem by HP Palmer)

S. Ratniece: “In Love with Liberty” (inspired by a fable by HP Palmer)

R. Samy Sabry:
“The Maze“
various works from / verschiedene aus „Armenian Album“

J. Palmer:
se potessi
three preludes
three cadenzas on Mozart
various works from / diverse aus „musica reservata“
missing rhymes
children pieces
three girls
woanders (inspired by a poem by HP Palmer)
spirits (for synthesizer)
Boann’s Song (for Celtic harp / für keltische Harfe)

V. Hoyland: “this one for Joan”

Heloise Ph. Palmer:
various works / diverse Werke
transcriptions & arrangements / Transkriptionen & Arrangements
(list of works / Werkkatalog: POETRY)


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